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About Blackland Prairie Survival, Supply, and Surplus

About us:

Blackland Prairie Survival, Supply, and Surplus LLC is a veteran owned company that believes in God, country, and family. Among our values is FREEDOM and all that it encompasses. For us, freedom means self-reliance and not having to depend only on others. It means being able to provide for yourself and the ones you love so that you have the ability to preserve your freedoms, your way of life, and your legacy in the worst of times. Not only are we veterans, we also have backgrounds in technology and healthcare. This is what sets Blackland Prairie apart from others. We take into account healthcare based theories and practices as well as our military experience and mindset when choosing products to sell and recommend. Additionally, as veterans, we believe in patriotism and restoring Lady Liberty back to her former glory and backing the American men and women who work hard to create quality products. It is because of this that we focus on striving to give you as many “Made in the U.S.A.” products as possible to choose from. Whether new or seasoned, we are sure you will find new and unique supplies to help you ensure your legacy.




How we started:

During my military experience, I found myself only a couple hundred yards away from the pentagon when it was struck by terrorist hijackers on September 11th, 2001. I saw many of my brothers and sisters in arms immediately injured and killed. I experienced the ensuing highway traffic congestion only minutes afterward. Later, in 2004, while stationed in Florida, I also saw and experienced first hand the damage to infrastructure as four different hurricanes passed through Florida seemingly back-to-back that year. These personal experiences changed my mindset to one of preparedness. Through thinking on survival and preparedness, I realized that there are preparedness contingencies for the President of the United States, the U.S. Senators and Representatives, state governments, county governments, and city governments. I thought, “If they all believe in being prepared, why shouldn’t I be prepared?” I then started out looking for quality gear that I could utilize for my preparedness and survival efforts. Furthermore, as an avid outdoorsman, I wanted gear that was rugged enough to last on the roughest of camping, fishing and hunting expeditions and be able to endure the rigors of outdoor life so that the gear was multi-purpose in use. During my search for quality gear I couldn’t help remembering that when I was growing up, some of the big box stores still around today sold a majority of American made products. Now the majority of products that are sold are imported and are sold because they are the cheapest and that just doesn’t sit right with me. I want America to be restored to what it once was. So I ask that you help me restore Lady Liberty to her former glory. Take a look at our USA made products and help us put America first. We promise that we will continually strive to add more American made products to our store. Thank you for visiting our site!