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3-inch Reusable Glow Stick - Blackland Prairie Survival, Supply, and Surplus

3-inch Reusable Glow Stick

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Bright Identifiers that can be recharged with Sun light, Ambient light, or a flash light.
Great for preparedness, Survival, hunting, camping, fishing, outdoor use.
Inside are Strontium Aluminate crystals that glow in the dark and are rechargeable.
lights slowly dim over 10-12 hours.
Use them to save flashlight battery life. Recharge the Glow stick with the flashlight, turn off the flash light and use the glow stick.
Parents, the re-usable glow sticks and UVO Necklaces are great for your kids. Use them for Night hikes, camping, or even on Halloween so that drivers are able to easily spot your children walking,
These Glow sticks are:
Never Expire
No Chemicals
No Liquids
Work in any temperature
Best of all they are MADE IN THE USA!