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MoraKniv Bushcraft Ultimate Knife - Blackland Prairie Survival, Supply, and Surplus

MoraKniv Bushcraft Ultimate Knife

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Mora has become a favorite of survivalists and bushcrafters the world over for their quality design and Durability. The MoraKniv Bushcraft Ultimate knife is no exception and continues on in a tradition of excellence.

It is 9 1/4" overall with a 4 1/8" carbon steel blade and a rubberized handle. Molded composition belt sheath with integrated diamond sharpener and all-weather Morakniv fire starter. Black composition interchangeable belt clips. Black blade, handle and sheath.

  • 0.65lbs.
  • 4 1/8 inch carbon steel blade
  • integrated diamond sharpener
  • ferrocerium rod
  • polymer sheath
  • rubberized handle