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Used German Army Tri-Fold  (Entrenching Tool) Shovel - Blackland Prairie Survival, Supply, and Surplus

Used German Army Tri-Fold (Entrenching Tool) Shovel

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Used German Army issue trifold shovel OD green. We have not found these in such a long time and only have a limited quantity. Used in excellent condition. This is a serious quality military trifold and not a cheap imitation. Pair it with a woodland trifold cover from the Dutch Army and you have an indestructible set. A great resource and tool to carry with you when camping or hunting. Also great for the serious prepper. Consider it a necessity for your vehicle preparedness equipment. A great compact tool to keep in your vehicle at all times to help you dig out in the event you become stuck (Trifold cover sold separately).

(This is a used military surplus item sold as is and is non-refundable. Shovels vary. Some may have minor wear and tear but overall functionality is present.)